Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chasing the Rising Sun: 3 It's About the Money

Hey guys! 3rd video from Japan. Still have 2 more videos to edit and upload... Oh boy. But here is this one! Hope it is informative.


  1. Totally interesting... again! Its so interesting that they would have a women only sections on the train or stores or even more bathrooms may be overwhelming. The Japanese always look so busy! I am so intrigued with the mini park like setting. It looks totally peaceful. I guess one of the downsides of traveling alone is that feeling of not being able to talk to others about your experience right then and there. You have us! Your viewing audience. Back to the park, it looks like a community garden.. kind of. And a nice area to have a picnic. I am still totally obsessed with Placebo.. and the Japanese love them... and they love the Japanese too. If you see anything Placebo-ish take a picture for me! Until next time!

  2. Hey there alex i am going to Tokyo in december and i stumbled upon your blog while researching. You have very interesting vlogs and blog and i admire your courage to travel unplanned to Japan for a month alone!

    Rest assured i will be keeping up with the rest of your journey!

    Love from Singapore!

    1. Hey thanks a lot for checking out my blog. Yeah, traveling without a set plan, I feel, is the best way. Will you be traveling alone or with family? If you are alone, of course do your research, but go with a free and open mind so that you miss nothing!