Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chasing the Rising Sun: 2 the Exit to Nowhere

Hello everybody. Second video is finally up! Go take a look.


  1. I know you're not writing/vlogging to thin air. So I am back.. To add views to your blog and video. Like the self proclaimed weirdo that I am. Moving on.. Im glad that adapter worked I think my jaw dropped a little when I read that mini warning or whatever. Oh!!! I was meaning to ask how the mini sugar puff looking things tasted. I'm guessing you have a western toilet. (looks like the ones we have at home/school, as opposed to public Japanese facilities which look like a mini pool in the ground and take gymnast like skills to get your business in the right place) I noticed you got pink sugar or salt... totally fancy! The green stuff may have been sponge cake. IDK though I wasn't there but by the. "falling apart" consistency.. my guess is cake.
    Bahama I can't believe those exit doors. That's so odd. Not at all making fun or ridiculing but wow, just amazed.

    1. The green stuff had matcha powder on the outside and felt like a very soft gummy bear. It tasted pretty much like matcha and kind of made me thirsty.