Thursday, May 8, 2014

Almost a Death Scene

   I made a new vlog. Hopefully the quality is better this time.

  As a vlogger I follow would say, "This is a laundry vlog," meaning it's not something to watch, but rather something to listen to while you are folding your laundry, picking your nose, watching paint dry, whatever. It's a story about a time I almost died. Check it out!

Also, I will be in Japan next month! I hope to share my experiences with anyone who reads my blog. I will take a lot of photos, of course, write lots of blogs, and most importantly, show a bunch of videos. If you want to see a new culture, see Japan, keep up with what I am doing, be sure to look for these videos/blogs starting June 9th 2014.

If you think my story time videos are boring, please tell me how I can improve my videos or tell me to ditch the story time videos completely. I am new to this stuff so it is all trial and error. The videos from Japan won't be as boring I promise.


  1. Live & Learn (concerning the audio), which by the way is much better. Ha, Ha when I grew up in El Paso we use to swim in the full irrigation ditches.(Yuck, bacteria, bacteria, don't know how I survived sometimes)
    God definitely had bigger plans for you:) to survive such an experience.
    I can't wait til you go to Japan & I will be able to technologically join you.
    Don't ditch the videos. I never knew you growing up and it's fun getting aquainted

    1. Thanks, I like telling these stories on camera. It's kind of fun, I mean, we tell these stories all the time anyways right? But why just share them with the person who is in front of us? It's kind of fun talking to an audience about something completely off the wall. I enjoy writing what is on my mind a little more for sure, but video is just a different feeling. As for Japan, I am really excited to record and photograph my experience. I am not sure if I am more excited for the photographic and journalistic opportunities or for the actual experience of being there. In any case I hope that more people will get to experience it through my lens!