Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hair Story

Hey guys a new blog that isn't a blog but is a vlog. If all vlogs are blogs, but all blogs are not vlogs, what is Alex?

Anywho...this is something I would have made into a blog but instead chose to do it as a vlog because it's just more of a visual thing. It is about hair! Kind of random, but maybe you will find it interesting. It is a story!

I also failed using my new mic. I didn't have it plugged in all the way so it didn't record jack. Had to use the bad camera audio. Oh well live and learn.

I need to figure out a new custom thumbnail for my videos. Youtube chooses the worst frames...


  1. Whooo! Acknowledgement hahaha. Umm so Japan!! That's freaking amazing I'm excited for you and you and I don't even talk on the daily. So I think this is the post where you finally get more clues as to my identity. As a female, hair is-- I'll just quote one who said it best. "The hair is the richest ornament of women." ~Martin Luther. Now although I know you're not a woman, this quote can obviously be applied to both sexes. About eight years ago, when I first met you, I learned that some guys can take better care of their hair than some females can (Read: me). I had a botched pixie cut and one day out of the blue cut my mid-torso length hair for the hell of it. (I have done it two more times since, with better results). I think a part of me likes the energy of confusion from people once I cut my hair from one extreme for another, My best friends now are totally shocked every time and they comment on their lack of confidence dot do something like that. I think however though, that my confidence goes with my hair. Because I don't feel as comfortable as I would to make a new friend, go out to public or be photographed. And you are totally awesome!! Well, that's my hair story.. in a non blog/vlog format, I have pictures of us in high school I could not upload but I suspect that once you do the math and figure out who I am, you will probably stop acknowledging I exist again. Nonetheless I will stop "selling myself short" as you once told me, and congratulate you once again on Japan!


    1. There is a theory that says something like, "Nothing in the world exists until you think about it." (as a rough interpretation off the top of my head) In this case I would take the liberty of extending the definition of the word "think" to be synonymous with the word "acknowledge." Rest assured that anyone I have ever met is thought about often, regardless of our past relationship. Much of my time after high school has been reflection on those relationships and the way I handled some, if not all. I regret nothing really, I think I did the best I could with most situations and my short comings were much taller than those of my peers. I do, however, agree that some things I could have handled differently. I can hear that last sentence resonating through every hall of every high school and childhood stomping ground since the beginning of time. I am sure the sentiment has been shared by far more than just myself.
      As for who you are, I have had my suspicions "D" for a long time and I am glad you are taking time to see what I have to say as a more developed human being. It shows character.
      Japan, yeah I am headed to Japan and I am excited. Thank you, it is something I have been wanting for a long time and much more content for my blog, and vlogs, will come from this trip. So in that sense my readers may experience, vicariously through me, what Japan is about.
      As always thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. On the hair note. The irony of you talking about it is that I am working on a Victorian era hair piece. Its so simple though, anyway its going to be displayed in the Nail Tech hallway in about a week. You should check it out.
      We have definitely grown and matured, and on the note of character. I think you replying the way you did shows a lot of character on your part.
      Oh! And apropos of nothing, I'm folding towels and I have not forgotten the proper way of folding a towel since your mom taught me oh so long ago. I think its funny that your family taught me so much in a few months.

      Anywho I hope I'm not being too forward here, I would like to bid you farewell in person - if possible. On campus so its not totally weird, umm so yeah. That's all I think